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Pest Details: Rats

Rats pose a larger problem, especially in areas where poor sanitation and accumulation of garbage provide ideal conditions for them to breed. Ranging from six inches to a foot long, they nest in basements, attics, sewers, sub-flooring, open garbage cans and piles of trash. Active mainly at night, rats contaminate food with disease germs and filth that can cause acute food poisoning. Worse, they will bite people - particularly small children who have been left in bed with milk, juice or other food.

The most common rats are the black or roof rat and the brown Norway rat. Both species live more than three years and can grow in excess of five inches.

Rats are responsible for having spread deadly plagues throughout history. They are still known to be carriers of various diseases. Beyond their reputation as pests, rats are widely used as test subjects within scientific communities. They are particularly helpful in studies concerning physiology and psychology.


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