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Pest Details: Mice

Mice look for a steady source of food supply. They, as well as parasites which live on them, contaminate food with droppings, urine and hair. Able to squeeze through incredibly small openings, these tiny animals - often weighing less than an ounce - can enter a house through basement windows, small holes in the foundation, vents in the basement or attic, and gaps in weather-stripping. Blocking or screening these openings and using a mousetrap with tasty morsels of peanut butter, bacon, gumdrops or cookies usually is sufficient to rid a house of them.

Mice are second only to people as the most prolific mammals in most areas. However, house mice are considered dangerous and destructive pests. Infestations should be handled swiftly and are most efficiently eradicated through professional extermination methods.

Mice are pests that are capable of causing massive losses in commercial farming enterprises, as food that has come into contact with mice is rendered unfit for consumption. Humans that consume mouse contaminated food may contract a number of mouse-borne diseases.

Within domestic environments, food contamination may be less obvious and foods may be consumed unknowingly. The mouse’s constant chewing also causes damage to electrical wires, clothing, books and furniture.

Infestations of mice are easily identified by the presence of mouse droppings within a building. These dark, tiny feces are particularly dangerous and should not be handled without the use of gloves and a protective face mask. Mouse nests can be located within homes and infestations become obvious when holes appear in walls and floorboards. In the event of a mouse infestation, contact an Advanced Pest Control professional to discuss extermination methods.


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